Our projects

We believe providing good information may help to improve the quality of obstetric care in the Czech Republic so we provide seminars for midwives, doulas and obstetricians. These seminars provide the participants with a unique opportunity to acquire the know-how of foreign experts, without having to participate in an official internship program abroad.

See Weekend seminars APODAC http://apodac-vpa.cz/.

We are preparing a unique news website www.faktaoporodu.cz. This website will present the unbiased facts on midwifery here in the Czech republic and abroad.

For our midwives/ birth assistants (and others) to be able the to learn from the latest training materials, we are preparing a Czech translation of the so called Bible for Midwives- Myles Textbook for Midwives – which is considered the best midwifery textbook of all times and which has been translated into many languages.

More information at Myles Textbook for Midwives.

Only well informed and conscious parent can chose the right option among ever growing numbers of health care options which is why we co-organize various lectures for general public and raise awareness.

Meeting of men – Jak Jinak rodí muži (“Another Way” – how men participate in the birth process) April 2016 meeting.
Lecture – Jak (ne)rodí muži (“Another Way” – how men (do not) participate in the birth process).

We also produce or co-produce documents and videos.

Interviews with experts on Congress ICM 2014 in Prague Rozhovory s odborníky na kongresu ICM 2014 v Praze.