MUNet (Midwifery Unit Network) – European Network of Birth Houses and Centers (units managed by midwives)
Apodac is a member of MUNet and participated in the opening meeting on April 28, 2016 in London.
MUNet is a complex network of units managed by independent midwives in the UK. The network consists of experienced professionals in midwifery, research and in the field of parental rights.
The MUNet team is working on the establishingpromotion, support and sustainability of birth houses and centers founded on “Evidence based maternity care”. It provides information on “best practices” internationally and thus offers the maximum potential for expanding safe and comfortable options for experiencing physiological pregnancy and childbirth.

MUNet’s goal is to increase the potential for a positive birth experience. MUNet belief is that by increasing the availability of complex primary care (birth centers) it will promote the physical and mental wellbeing of pregnant women and infants.

As a foreign partner, MUNet actively cooperates with other European countries and supports them in expanding the availability of birth houses and centers in other European countries. APODAC is a European member of the MUNet network and with MUNet’s support APODAC works on the establishment of birth-houses in the Czech Republic.

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