Small Grants Program

Podána žádost o grant s názvem Souhlas jako základ moderní porodní péče / Informed Consent as a Basic Tool of Modern Obstetrics

Our project focuses on the important idea of informed consent. In the Czech Republic, there’s a lack of clear rules for how informed consent should work. To help with this, we’re teaming up with Hermine Hayes-Klein, a respected expert in international law, especially in informed consent, women’s rights in childbirth, and fighting against obstetric violence.

Our goal is to make sure people understand what informed consent means, especially during pregnancy and childbirth. We’ll do this by organizing events with Ms. Hayes-Klein to reach out to universities, healthcare workers, and the public in the Czech Republic. These events will help people understand women’s rights in healthcare better.

We’re planning to launch our project during the 16 Days of Activism, called The Roses Revolution. During this time, we’ll focus on talking about obstetric violence and why informed consent is so important in making childbirth more respectful in the Czech Republic. Our aim is to help change how people think about and practice informed consent in healthcare in the Czech Republic.